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Review on Electricity Issues

The world's fifth largest country, India has an installed capacity of 210.936 GW as of November 2012. Captive power plants generate an additional 31.5 GW. Non Renewable Power Plants constitute 88.55% of the installed capacity and 12.45% of Renewable Capacity. India generated 855 BU (855 000 MU i.e. 855 TWh[3]) electricity during 2011-12 fiscal.

Delhi stays at 6th position within India in the list of most power consumed State with 1447.72 kWh of Per capita consumption of power. The higher power consumption rates have continued to increase in Delhi along with a steady rise in Population over last two decades.

With increasing inflation rates, cost per unit consumption has increased four times in last one decade. A great concern for all of us with this increased power consumption within the National Capital Region of Delhi. Looking towards alternative energy source will be a great source of inspiration for the Government, Planners and the common public.

Setting up solar-power plants as alternative source of power generation to NCR Delhi can be a definite alternate to address the increasing power needs of NCR Delhi, INDIA.

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