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  1. Use your kitchen faucet wisely:- Run the faucet at about half the volume for smaller tasks such as washing hands or rinsing dishes. You will use a lot less water over time by doing this. Fill up a pitcher of water and put it in the fridge. That way, you’ll always have fresh, cold water on hand and won’t have to run the faucet, waiting for it to get cold. If you buy bottled water because you don’t like the water from your tap, install a water filtration system to help improve the taste and remove impurities. Not only will you save money, but you’ll also reduce petroleum needs that go into bottling water and shipping.
  2. Save by washing dishes a little differently and using a dishwasher less often. If you do dishes by hand, fill up both sides of the sink: one for washing and the other for rinsing to help save water. I also find that this saves time! If you use a dishwasher, be sure to run full loads only. Scrape plates immediately after eating and rinse if necessary. If food hardens on the plate, you’ll have to use a lot more water to get the food to come off.
  3. You can save water with your appliances, too. When it’s time to upgrade or replace your appliances, make sure they are “air-cooled” instead of “water-cooled.” Look for Energy Star appliances, as well, which will be optimized for energy and water savings. You might even get tax breaks for buying these types of appliances – check with your accountant or financial advisor for details. Install a tankless water heater under the sink: you won’t have to run the faucet long to get hot water.
  4. You can save even more water if you use water leftover from cooking. When you have water from cooking/steaming vegetables and pasta, or even from soaking beans, let it cool. Then use it to water plants or to water the garden.
  5. You can save water by washing your vegetables in a bowl. Fill a bowl with water. You can wash many vegetables without having to change the water. Then, when you're finished, dump the water out in your garden or lawn.

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